RGV Will Face My Wrath And Go To Jail – KA Paul


Ram Gopal Varma decided to release a complete political satire on Andhra Pradesh elections – Kamma Rajyam lo Kadapa Reddlu. He is waiting for CBFC board certification to officially announce release date.

The movie was supposed to release on 29th November but multiple cases have been filed against film release and also people asked for CBFC to not certify it. RGV said he may change the title or even release the movie on YouTube or another streaming channel, directly.

TDP leaders objected the movie title and also severely condemned RGV implying Nara Lokesh as “Pappu” in the movie.

RGV released a parody song on KA Paul and the religious leader, Praja Shanthi Political party Supremo, did not want to leave the opportunity to come into public again. He filed defamation case on RGV and producers.

He said in a TV interview, “Court directives regarding the movie release and certification will come out tomorrow. I will see that RGV is put behind the bars.

I am normally a lover a peace and I preach to everyone. But this man has crossed all the limits. He came to me before starting the movie and asked me for funding to produce the film. He even touched my feet.

I did not like his approach and the kind of person he is and sent him away. So, he is looking to defame me. I can take it but what about my believers and party workers?

Also, he is looking to promote caste based politics and violence with the title, Kamma Rajyam lo Kadapa Reddlu. The court had to direct orders today but after listening to arguments second round, they said that they need 24 hours time.

I believe we will win and law is on our side. RGV should be taught a lesson and he shouldn’t be let alone do whatever he wants. If he tries to release the movie in any other fashion, we will stop him in our own ways.

He violated laws by mocking me and most importantly, he is raising buzz & money by simply driving caste fanaticism in AP, which I am strictly against. I won’t tolerate his behaviour any longer!”

We have to wait and see, what will court order tomorrow about the release of the film. And we have to also wait for RGV’s reaction on all this.

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