RGV…Yet To Get Over A Hangover!


Watching the public behaviour of Ram Gopal Varma in the past 24 hours, Netizens got the feeling that the Filmmaker is yet to get over the hangover post the cocktail party hosted by Puri Jagannath to celebrate the success of ‘iSmart Shankar’.

Varma has done everything he can to raise the eye-brows, from pouring liquor on Actresses to Mocking Traffic Police after triple riding to Describing himself as a pick pocket guy and Calling Puri ‘bhaadkav’ on the social media platform.

Few Netizens wondered if Puri Jagannath has hired RGV for the promotions of ‘iSmart Shankar’. Some people had even commented that Varma is behaving like a protagonist of the flick when Ram is more than happy taking the backseat and enjoying the success in the most appropriate manner.

At some point, Somebody needs to educate RGV how to behave in certain situations. Or else, Public might find his antics unbearable if this madness continues.

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