RGV’s Crew Fearing Pawan Kalyan!


Ram Gopal Varma aka RGV is in his next level of filmmaking. He has impressed film lovers and film industry folks by finding new avenues to showcase films on OTT and people are enjoying his latest film ‘Naked’. With back to back films and no censor content he is just taking the marketing and exhibiting of the films to the next level!

Recently the ace Director Ram Gopal Varma released the trailer of his upcoming film ‘Power Star’. The trailer was earlier planned to release exclusively on pay per view model but RGV later released it for free on You Tube and said that process is on to return the money of paid customers. Now this maverick Director is said to have finished the filming and is in plans to release the film on July 25th.

There is no big time left for the release and thus RGV is seen just targeting Pawan Kalyan so that if he responds he can encash his craze for the film with his millions of fans. Most recently this ace filmmaker has released a song titled ‘Gaddi Thintava’ that just mocked the power star Pawan Kalyan. On the other side, It is said that Pawan has decided not to respond to RGV and not let him give a chance for cheap publicity and thus Pawan himself revealed his pics in which he was seen grazing the cattle and spending quality time in his farmhouse.

The biggest question arising from the common film buffs is why the lyricist of ‘Gaddi Thintava’ song or the producer of the film not taking credit. Inside sources say that the crew who have worked for RGV’s Power Star are fearing the fans of Pawan Kalyan who could manhandle and abuse them in public!

It is evident that Pawan is fond of farming and thus he showed his never care attitude towards RGV tantrums on Twitter! On the other side, his fans have targeted RGV and showed their anger by damaging furniture of his Office in Banjara Hills for defaming their favourite actor.

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