RGV’s Sarcastic Warning To Public!


Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma never leaves a chance to create a sensation of social media. He comes up with some next-level sarcastic comments about films, politics and ongoing social problems. They are informative at times but mostly create controversy and shock the netizens all the time.

At a time when the entire country is in isolation and staying at home, some people are unnecessarily coming on to the streets and putting themselves in danger. Police were given strict orders to punish them and send them back to their houses. So, the policemen are beating the crap out of people who are coming outside with no strong reason at the time when Coronavirus is killing lives.

RGV made a funny tweet in Telugu which translates, “Stay at home if you want Ugadi recipe. Go outside if you want your body to get smashed.” This comment is going down well with people on social media and Varma is getting a lot of likes and comments over his tweet.

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