Rumours Galore On Popular Anchor-Director


On the latest news broke that Anchor Director Ohmkar has tested positive for Corona and this news has shocked the Telugu film industry the most. Immediately the family members of Ohmkar denied the rumours and said that it is true that Ohmkar got tested for Corona but he got negative and thus no worries at all. They also said that he would begin the shoot of his reality shows very soon.

It is evident that just a few days back the producers wanted to resume shootings but with industry persons getting affected, the producers may just lay back for a few more months. It is evident that already senior actors are not at all showing interest to presume shoots as per their age and Corona cases surging like never before.

Recently news sources say that two serial actors and an office member of an ace producer and distributor tested positive, shocking the film fraternity that wanted to rejuvenate from the losses incurred so far! With this latest updates, the office of that producer is now closed and the surrounding offices too were forced to shut down, losing hope and fear of the pandemic.

Many sources say that it is difficult for the Movie Industry and TV Industry as well to resume work in this year and most probably until the end of the year.

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