‘RX100’ Girl Desperate For Film Offers


Payal Rajput had stolen the hearts of youngsters with her debut movie ‘RX 100’. This movie brought a lot of craze for her among the audience. Later she acted in three other movies, and all the three movies were registered as disasters at the box-office. After the release of the ‘RX 100’, the Telugu Film Industry expected that Payal’s career will hit peak stage, but it hasn’t gone as expected.

Payal alleged that ‘Venky Mama’ movie has ruined her career. The director had shown Payal as an aged woman in the movie since she is acting next to the veteran actor Venkatesh.

Telugu film industry is so sentimental that if any actress is marked as an iron leg, she will be kept aside. The offers will be reduced for these kinds of actresses. Now the same situation is observed in Payal Rajput’s case. With this, the hot beauty is running behind the shop openings and made herself busy. Her career reached the initial state again and she is in a serious hunt for the movie offers.

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