Saaho Fictional City: Too Costly, Close To Real!


Movie Buffs will be blown away by the visual extravaganza of ‘Saaho’. First Look Teaser showcased the glimpses of the cosmopolitan city in desert backdrop. It appeared like as if Saaho Team shot the action sequences in a real city but it’s actually a wonderful creation by the best technicians across the World.

Team led by Production Designer Sabu Cyril took almost two years to create a futuristic city in the desert and the whole activity costed Rs 65 crore. Sabu Cyril designed the fictional city in Abu Dhabi as per the vision of Director Sujeeth. Team comprising of 300 visual effects and digital compositors worked on it.

Special Effects supervisor Danilo Bollettini of ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ fame was roped by Team Saaho. Even VFX Supervisor Kamala Kannan of Baahubali fame worked for this biggie. Together, They made the fictional city with skyscrapers as believable as possible.

Sabu Cyril assures Saaho is the first of its kind movie on Indian Screen. He did work on achieving perfection in the task assigned to him and that is why a visual spectacle is gonna be seen on August 30th, 2019.

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