Saaho To Open Like Baahubali-2?


Baahubali-2 had previous night premieres across the Telugu States and the positive talk spread all over from the next day morning improving the revenues.

Now, Saaho could follow the same strategy with early morning shows in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, on release day, paid premieres the night before.

Yash Raj Films normally don’t have premieres in USA or other Overseas territories and believe in opening a film planned on release day.

Hence, US market might have to wait till Indian audiences have watched the film. But UAE and middle Eastern countries could have premieres on 29th as UAE based distributor is said to be planning a big World premiere in Dubai.

Well, the movie release strategy will be formally out by this weekend as the team is getting ready to finish Censor formalities all over by the end of this week or by 26th August, at the earliest possible date.

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