Saaho Trailer…137 Cuts!


Theatrical Trailer of ‘Saaho’ kept receiving appreciation from all over the World. Prabhas disclosed about the efforts gone into making it look so perfect, ‘Actually, We had 137 Trailer Cuts before finalising one. Sujeeth and the Editor did so much of exercise to make it look the best. Trailer is very important, we can’t reveal much of the story, especially for this flick which is screenplay based. If it worked…it’s great!’.

Prabhas admits shooting for a multi-lingual project like ‘Saaho’ is tiring, both physically and mentally. Actors and Technicians need to shift to another language soon after the completion of the scene in one language. ‘For Baahubali, I did it in Telugu and Tamil. This time, Even for Hindi. I hired a tutor to make the dubbing for Hindi version and did what I can’.

‘Saaho’ is releasing in over 4,500 screens in North India alone. Down South, It’s going to be not less than 3,000 screens. Worldwide screen count could be anywhere between 8,000 to 10,000. Imagine how big are gonna be the openings if a film of Saaho scale releases in close to 10,000 screens? It’s gonna be mighty big for sure!

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