Saaho’s ‘Bad Boy’ Actress Demanded That Amount?


Saaho came up with a killing plan to subvert the gigantic expectations Baahubali has created on any next Prabhas’s film.

The makers made it clear that the movie is not about another version of Amarendra Baahubali but a different man played by same actor.

A perfect way to counter the expectations but then they spent on the film’s quality as much as Baahubali makers did to not let people think this is a cheap product made to make a quick buck.

So, the makers did not go for a simple film but spent huge amounts on action sequences, designed huge sets and even for a song they spent in crores, it seems.

For the Bad Boy song alone, they gave Jacqueline Fernandez, Rs. 2 crores remuneration for being sexy and dancing around the hero, like a desirable lady.

There are many attractions but this particular Bad Boy has become the major attraction for audiences to be prepared to see different Prabhas and because of Jacqueline, the song is going viral at higher rate than expected.

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