Sai Dharam Tej Playing With Risk


Mega hero Sai Dharam Tej is struggling to make a mark in the industry by failing to score a hit since the last few years. His last film Chitralahari ended up as an average venture. Currently, he is doing a film called Prathi Roju Pandaage, with director Maruthi. Tej should be very careful in choosing projects right now but the actor is still making risky choices.

It is being heard that he is planning to work with two struggling directors for his next two films. First one is Deva Katta, who is known for making the critically acclaimed Prasthanam. After that, he didn’t score a single hit even though he made three films. Currently, he is remaking Prasthanam in Hindi and is also directing the Baahubali TV series for Netflix.

The other director Tej is planning to work with is Merlapaka Gandhi. This young filmmaker has scored hits with his first two films Venkatadri Express and Express Raja but scored a disaster with his last film Krishnarjuna Yudhham. Working with both of them have a high-risk factor and let’s see how Tej manages to do that.

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