Saina Nehwal Supports Her Statement On Telangana Police In Disha Case!


Badminton Legend Saina Nehwal saluted to Telangana Police for their bravery act in Disha case. Some are against the encounter but the police have maintained that it was never an engineered act.

Saina Nehwal was cornered for her response by Anna Vetticad, famous journalist and movie critic for supporting police in the matter. She asked Saina to not support the act and tweeted,

“Shocked at this mindless tweet from you, @NSaina. No doubt it will get you applause, but the harm done by you who have such reach and are such a +ve role model for women is immeasurable. I request, urge, even beg you to have the humility to study an issue before commenting on it.”

Saina responded immediately for Anna’s comment and said that rapists need stricter punishments. She further wrote,

“Can’t even imagine the horror the victim felt and then when these rapists are shot down however the incident happened,I’m happy. I don’t need applause.Your opinion is not changing the mindsets of rapists or the law. If the victim had a gun she would shoot them too.”

Actor Anupam Kher, who is active on Twitter, praised Saina’s reply and tweeted,

“Bravo @NSaina!! Proud of your response. Some people try to make you feel guilty for an HONEST and TRUTHFUL response to a tragic and horrific treatment of the victim. They do so by pretending to be the messiahs of fair judgment. Ignore them. You are my HERO.”

Well, the matter is in the hands of NHRC now and it is better to look forward and think about the permanent solution to this problem than just trying to find heroes and villains as the encounter is done and dusted.

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