Samantha Cleverly Shifted All Focus On Her!


Samantha Akkineni, star actress and wife of Naga Chaitanya Akkineni, could divert all the buzz for Majili as a ChaySam film.

Even though there is a debutant, Divyansha Kaushik, playing another lead, Samantha made sure that the campaign remains focusing on them.

As ChaySam4, fans of the couple are happy to only see them and talk about them. Normally, second lead would have also been included but Majili team did not try anything like that.

They are happy that the movie will get more heads turned towards them when it is promoted as Chaitanya and Samantha’s film.

Shiva Nirvana, the director is busy with re-recording works and Chaitanya is busy with family function. Samantha on one hand is promoting the movie and also participating in family event.

She is just been able to hijack all the attention and in a way, it is helping Majili too! The movie release is confirmed for 5th April by the producers again.

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