Samantha Doesn’t Want That Film To Release In Telugu!


Samantha did not have any problem in any of her films releases in any language till date but with Super Deluxe, she does have a issue.

As per the reports, the actress has put a clause to Thiyagaraja Kumararaja before accepting the film that the movie should never be dubbed in Telugu.

The director-writer-producer accepted to it and the movie developed a cult following post the release. It had Vijay Sethupathi playing a transgender person role and Samantha played a woman who after marriage decides to cheat her husband with her ex-lover for one time but he dies in the middle of the act.

Such a character won’t be accepted by legions of fans here and even Akkineni fans will not be able digest such a role. So, she drafted that clause, it seems.

She scored a solid 20 crores share movie with Oh Baby on her own and with her husband, Naga Chaitanya delivered a 40 crores share hit, Majili. So, distributors and producers are looking to release her less known movies in Telugu to cash-in.

They don’t have many options but to go for Super Deluxe but like Nagarjuna who did negative role in Agni Varsha, a Hindi movie and put a clause that it shouldn’t be dubbed similarly, Samantha is not allowing Super Deluxe to have a popular, wide release in Telugu. Whoever wants to watch it, can catch it on Netflix with subtitles.

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