Sandeep Kishan Takes A Break From A1 Express!


Sandeep Kishan is not enjoying the best phase of his acting career but he has a flourishing restaurant business in Hyderabad city.

The actor has been trying hard to give a successful film but it has become a task for him for past 13 films.

He is doing A1 Express to find that big success for himself to continue as an actor. For now, he took a break from A1 Express shoot as he has been working non-stop on it.

This break will help him and his team also rejuvenate, look at the quality of the product and then make any changes prior to release, as many as they can.

Team is readying the movie for a Summer release and they are not bothered about theaters or the correct date. They want to give a solid film for all the family audiences, youth to enjoy.

Dennis Jeevan Kanukolanu is directing the film and Lavanya Tripathi is acting as the lady lead. She might be sharing the burden of promoting the film along with Sandeep.

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