Sandeep Kishan’s team clarifies on Uday Kiran biopic


Uday Kiran rose to star status with three biggest blockbusters back to back and then gradually faded out.

He majorly fell out of radar of producers, due to the conflict that lead to him breaking ties with Megastar Chiranjeevi after getting engaged to his elder daughter.

Many producers thought they would be raffling Chiranjeevi and also with likes of Srikanth, Pawan Kalyan reacting violently to some reports at the time, producers decided to distance themselves from Uday.

Later, Megastar Chiranjeevi did come out in support of Uday Kiran and asked his fans to not make a personal thing such public nuisance. But the actor couldn’t recover and the depression of failure, hurt him so badly that he decided to commit suicide than become a serial actor or continue his life as a businessman like many others, majorly his contemporaries are doing.

These parts will be specified in the biopic and they may try to paint someone in the bad light during all these events as it is difficult to find an objective balance while writing such controversial topics for screen.

Hence, someone close to Chiranjeevi like Sandeep Kishan won’t be entertaining the idea of acting in the biopic of Uday Kiran is the popular belief. Reinstating that, Siva Cherry, his executive producer and also big fan of Megastar, clarified on Twitter that no one approached them for biopic.

He posted,

“Numerous rumours are being heard about Uday Kiran’s biopic in the last couple of days. Here is to clarify the media & people, no one has approached us regarding this & right now we have no intention of doing biopics.Thank you”

Sandeep Kishan retweeted this as if to say that is their official stand on the latest gossip that the actor is even looking to producer the biopic in addition to acting in it as the lead.

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