Sara Ali Khan Shows How To Stay Fit At Home!


It is not easy to get self-motivated during a time of depression. Yes, Covid-19 is a highly depressing time to be alive as we get to do nothing and we are worried about catching the virus, future.

But do we really have to be like that? No, need. Sara Ali Khan decided to give us a taste of fitness routine we can do at home that doesn’t require us to go to a gym and be with people.

While we are socially distancing ourselves from everyone, we can still think about not getting beer guts and staying fit.

She showed some awesome ab exercises we can pull off to stay fit at home, in our safe heaven. If we need to stay healthy and be on top of our game, we need such tips from youngsters and motivators like her.

Watch the video and try all the exercises by yourself and try to be motivated to work out of this problem than just fall into depression abyss.

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