Sarkar Story Controversy Drags Another Big Fish Into Mess


Vijay and A.R. Murugadoss are coming together for their 3rd film, Sarkar. Movie is expected to become even bigger hit than his Mersal, that released for last year Diwali.

A controversy regarding the story and copyrights of the story made headlines until, recently. Varun, an assistant director, filed complaint on A.R. Murugadoss claiming that the director copied story of Sarkar from his Sengol script.

First he complained to South Indian Script writers association and Bhagyaraja, the veteran writer and director, read both the scripts and asked A.R. Murugadoss to settle the issue amicable as he found similarity.

As Murugadoss denied, Bhagyaraja had to write a letter stating the script similarity and ousted details. After this huge evidence on his side, Varun could file a case in Court and Murugadoss reluctantly accepted to appreciate that similar script has been written by the writer.

Bhagyaraja who is known for being controversy free admitted his mistake of giving details of a film script in public before release and resigned as President of South Indian Script Writers Association.

He said to media, “I have apologised to Sun Pictures, Murugadoss for doing so. I am sorry that a big movie script like Sarkar details had to be ousted by me like that. I wanted to be on the side that I believed saying the truth but my actions have hurt the other side who seems to be also telling the truth. I take the responsibility for leaking out script details and hereby I resign to my duties as the President of the association.”

But the association rejected his resignation. General Secretary Manoj Kumar said that the association stands by actions of Bhagayaraja and won’t accept his resignation. The mess seems to get bigger and bigger.