Senior Actor Reveals That His Wife Was Under-Age During Their Marriage!


Arjun Sarja is one of the most respected and versatile actors of Indian Cinema. He actress in all South Indian languages and started his career at every young age.

He talked about his wife and marriage of 32 years in a recent interview. He told to the interviewer that he saw his wife, Niveditha for the first time during a film shoot, Doctor Gari Abbayi.

He said that her father, Ramesh was a big star in Kannada Cinema back then and his father, Shakthi Prasad was acting as Villain, in films. They both were friends but Arjun never saw Niveditha till they met at the shoot.

As the shoot progressed they kept talking to each other and one day, he got hurt during a fight scene. He was taken to the hospital and there he found her shedding a tear for him by his hospital bedside.

He liked that she has feelings for him and asked her to marry him. As she had no objection, he asked the same his and her parents and they both got them married.

Arjun revealed that by the time of their marriage he was 25 and his wife was 17. She was so immature that she used cry at the film screenings looking at him holding hands of an actress in the film.

Well, he seems to have admitted unknowingly that he married a girl who was underage. But back in early 80’s, such things were highly common to find fault in him, now.

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