Senior Director Opposes Nag’s Statements On Bigg Boss


Amidst a lot of controversies, the third season fo Bigg Boss Telugu was launched with King Nagarjuna as the new host and even after two weeks, it is still running with high TRP ratings. But the outrage on the show and its makers are still continuing in the public.

Recently, noted filmmaker Tammareddy Bharadwaja condemned the statements made by Nag during the launch episode of the show. Nag said, ” When my father was alive, he made sure that the whole family of 30 members meet for launch or dinner every Sunday. That made us be together as a family until now and stay bonded. Let’s see how these 15 members will cope up as a family in Bigg Boss house.”

Bharadwaj condemned these words and asked Nag how can he compare the show with his dad. “ANR is an Indian cinema legend and comparing him with Bigg Boss show is not correct. He used to gather his family to maintain the bond whereas Bigg Boss is all about money and winning,” he said. He hoped that the scriptwriter and Nagarjuna will be careful in the coming episodes and avoid these inappropriate statements.

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