She can Never Look ‘bad’!


Many actresses come up with hot and seductive poses to attract social media audiences. Some do it elegantly and some try too hard.

But there are divas who don’t have try at all and beauty is like their second name. Madhuri Dixit is one such diva of Indian Cinema.

She is almost 50 years old but her skin still looks fresh and she looks like some 30 year old woman. And she commands respect for her talent too.

When you see her, it always seems like life is not that complicated unless we make it so. It seems like there is no need for huge amount of stress in life as she always manages to light up any moment in front of the camera.

Her beauty doesn’t have an expiry date and we don’t want it to have one either. Lucky are those, who could enjoy her performing on screen in theaters as she reduced her workload considerably now-a-days.

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