She just keeps everyone guessing


Padma Lakshmi is one of the few supermodels, who tried to become an actress but remained a supermodel popular for her affairs and bold nature.

She never tried to hide behind any person or any kind of situation from being herself. She maintained a very high profile lifestyle and did what she liked to, at that point of time.

She became famous for her show, Top Chef as the host and she continued to host the show from 2002 to 2018. She published three cookbooks and received an Emmy Nomination for her efforts.

She married novelist, Salman Rushdie after dating him for few years in 2004 and divided from him in 2007. Well, even though she is nearing 50, she still maintains a hourglass figure giving competition to youngsters.

In this latest photo of hers, you can see that she has gone topless for a photoshoot and with great confidence, too. She just keeps stunning everyone, doesn’t she?

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