Should Chiranjeevi Look At “Character Roles”?


Some fans of Chiranjeevi cried their hearts out when they saw him back on Silver Screen with Khaidi No. 150. Women ran as soon as the gates of the theatres opened to get tickets of the film, like in olden days. Why need to say this?

Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy is not a flop. It made its money back from Telugu version and digital, satellite rights, ancillary profits. It did fail in other languages and team did not try to make a hard bargain, hence, those areas’ distributors did not make any complaints about losses.

The movie did bring criticism when it released for Chiranjeevi-Tamanna episodes and that is more because of the age gap between the actors we could make out on screen.

Also, it became difficult for Acharya team to find a heroine for Chiru and they settled with Trisha after long deliberation. So, people who feel this is all unnecessary for Chiranjeevi say that he should look for “character and guest roles!”

Now, look at the emotion that his fans showed when he came back into films after 10 years with Khaidi No.150. The collections the film got and how his dance steps, became popular.

Rajnikanth has been struggling from past decade for a proper hit. Even 2.0 is not a huge hit for the kind of hype it generated and the expectations people had on sequel of Rajni-Shankar film, Enthiran/Robo and their combination.

It is more difficult for the actor to pull off convincing romantic scenes these days but his fans don’t care. They don’t ask him to stop and he is continuing with roles that show his age, still making him the focal point.

He is still able to get the top bill from distributors and good advances for his films. Petta made many fans celebrate his enthusiasm on screen for nearly 2 hrs as they did not like the climax but when it comes to energy of the Superstar, they have no complaints.

Why should Chiranjeevi, who has similar pull on Telugu audiences and whose both films after a 10 year hiatus collected more than 100 crores revenues stop acting as lead? May be he shouldn’t try “young age romance” on screen but he need not stop being the main hero for sure!

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