So, Only That Adult Comedy To Watch For During Holi?


Holi is around the corner and the festivities are slowing catching up with the youngsters, who are being fried by exam tensions.

During such a time, all we have to relax and relieve our stress, preferably at a theatre near us. But politicians are giving us endless amount of fun with their routine as the election season returned with a vengeance.

Still, watching a film cannot be equated during Holi time with watching politicians say the same old things on our TV’s.

So, what do we have for us in the offing from filmmakers? This week expect for adult comedy, Cheekati Gadilo Chitakkottudu none of the films make an impression.

All others are either dubbed films or films with star cast that we don’t even recognise. With Hemanth, Adith Arun and adult theme, only this movie seems to be an option for Holi weekend. Let’s see, how will it pan out for the film and it’s stars.