Soggade Woman Giving Competition To Soggadu!


For this generation and probably for some more to come, Nagarjuna might end up being the best looking 60 year old man and actor. Not even in Hollywood, we could see such thing happen.

ANR and NTR looked their age at 60 and they decided to say goodbye to younger roles. But Nag looks like an elder brother to Chaitanya, his son. Hence, he is Manmadhudu and Soggadu too.

Some might feel a fan has written this but facts are facts. You can’t find someone looking that young at 60 and he might probably see that he maintains the looks for few more years.

Now, Anasuya Bhardwaj who did her first acting role in Soggade Chinni Nayana is trying to go against Nagarjuna on 9th August. She might just say she is too small to be seen as a competition but when two films release on same day or during same business, they look to eat into each other’s business.

Kathanam, her next movie is hoping to get a good talk on 9th August and sustain to expand on 15th August. But there are two more buzzy films coming on the date.

The producers of the film want to see that they get some Rangasthalam residual going as many identified with Anasuya as Rangammattha. But the actress took too long for her next film to release and that is a bummer.

In Hollywood, releasing a relatively small budget movie when a big one is releasing is called counter-programming but Kathanam needs to be really good as Manmadhudu-2, if good will have families lining up.

Also from 15th August, Ranarangam could take up some mass and young crowd with Evaru taking thriller lovers. For Kathanam to be a hit, it needs to be good or others need to be bad.

Seems like producers are taking a bigger risk than a calculated one. Let’s see what young director, Rajesh Nadendla has up his sleeve, for us.

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