Sonakshi Sinha’s Film Gets Into Legal Trouble!


Normally, we see activists going to court about the films and also, few organisations, NGOs and at times, writers, financiers going to court against release of films.

A doctor, famous sexologist, Dr. Abott decided to go to court against a Sonakshi Sinha film, “Khandani Shafakhana”.

He claimed copyrights on the title of the film saying that his father, Dr. Hakim Hari Lal Kishan introduced the name and popularised it in the Northern states for treatment.

So, without consulting them using the name for a movie is illegal he stated and he asked court to issue a stay on film release until the matter is settled.

The makers of the film are saying that the movie is a health representation of sex education and the Doctor should be happy for them using the name.

We have to wait and see, how this controversy will end and the movie will find a release?!

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