Star Director Gets Affected By Bad Time And Luck!


He is a star director known for his mass films. His last film with a rnMega hero ended up in heavy losses and left everyone with nightmares. Hern recently invested secretly in his assistant’s directorial debut. It wasrn also a completely mass film and it tanked at the box-office resulting rnin losses for this star director.

On the other hand, he started arn film with a senior hero. Their combination earlier gave some super hit rnfilms but the situation is not in favor of this film right now. The rnsenior hero’s films are bombing badly at the box-office these days rnleaving everyone in losses. This made the producer to keep budget rnrestraints on this film. As a part of it, he put a condition to this rnstar director it seems. As per sources, the director will get only 25% rnof his remuneration as cash and rest will be given as share in profits.

Thern fate of this star director has turned upside down with one rnmega-disaster as per Film Nagar talks. If the ongoing project with rnsenior hero fails, the star director’s career is sure to come to an end.rn Let us see what happens to this star director in the coming days.

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