Star Hero And Technicians Remuneration Are A Bigger Issue Than We Think?


Fans would never like to say that their hero film is a flop or agree that their hero did not come up with a world class film. They always find a way to defend and unknowingly, they might have given more power to actors than even actors can handle.

Even technicians too, these days have fans and that is resulting in enormous pressure on the individuals and at the same time, they are looking to make more money out of it, which is also crashing the Industry.

Actors have the power to make or break a film. They have the power to bring in the best directors, technicians, market and that is making them increase the remuneration to ridiculous heights.

In case of Darbar starring Rajnikanth, that is the major reason for this outburst from distributors say Industry people. Producers of the film showed the figures to distributors and said that they have made nothing from the film to compensate their losses.

According to producers or what news stories have said that producers told to distributors, they gave 108 crores to Rajnikanth as his remuneration and AR Murugadoss got Rs. 60 crores for directing the film. Only remunerations have cost the production Rs. 180 crores and film was made with a budget of Rs. 238-240 crores, it seems.

So, the producers told distributors that Rajni and Murugadoss discussed and made the film. And hence, they took all the money too. Now, distributors should ask them for refund.

While Darbar lost more money and it became an issue with distributors asking to compensate. But this has been a huge thing that many wants to brush under the carpet.

Sarileru Neekevvaru marked Mahesh as the top remuneration drawing star hero in TFI with close to 50 crores amount. It is more than 200% hike from his Maharshi film.

The actor is asking for non-theatrical rights, which are traditionally seen as profit margin for a producer as his remuneration. As the producers sell them off before release with combination craze and star hero power, his reasoning is that he should be getting maximum out of it.

Also, Pawan Kalyan for his 20 days call-sheets for Pink remake took 50 crores as remuneration and got the same amount for PSPK27 and slightly more for PSPK28, it seems.

Ram Charan, Allu Arjun are taking percentages from non-theatrical rights and areas for distribution of films as their remuneration. Jr. NTR takes full remuneration or asks for area distribution rights with 50% of his regular remuneration as first payment.

Natural Star Nani started asking for 50-60% of non-theatrical rights of his film has remuneration after an initial advance, it seems. These are all remuneration details that Industry insiders have told our sources and they could wary in accuracy.

The whole point is that with Darbar issue, the discussion about actors and important technician salaries increasing to astronomical levels has become a bigger issue than we can imagine. If this continues, producing a film with a star hero will always become a risk than a sure thing, like earlier.

Producers are looking to ask heroes to become co-producers with them and take a percent of the business that the movie did theatrically and non-theatrically than asking them for full amounts forcing them to quote big bucks from distributors which will end the Industry’s existence, as we know it.

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