Star Producer Gives Major Fitness Goals


Producer Dil Raju is not only known for his impeccable production skills, but he is also known for his glamour and fitness levels. The producer looks younger than his original age and gives tough fitness goals for the actors who are in their mid-30s. The producer looks, even more, fit these days and looks like he has been working out daily.

Raju has lost oodles of weight in the last few months and has looked extremely fit in the recent press event of Evaru and as well as the pre-release event of Saaho. Apparently, there is a reason behind his intense workout and focus on his body maintenance over the last few months.

It seems that the star producer went into depression after the death of his wife Anitha. To come out of that agony, he started working out and tried to build his body. Now, he has got the fitness and looks healthier and handsome than most of the contemporaries of his age. Well, now he got a license to make some acting plans as well.

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