Star Television Personality To Become A Part Of Bigg Boss 4?


While the entire industry is getting afraid of shootings, the small screen shows have started rolling once again. Few reality shows have begun and sources say that the organisers of ‘Bigg Boss’ are making the necessary preparations for starting the fourth season.

Unlike the previous seasons, the 4th edition will reportedly last only for 50 days and the team of this popular reality show are trying to bring in some noted people from the industry. But film actors are said to be demanding huge remunerations because of the current scenario. On the other hand, the Bigg Boss makers are trying to convince them by saying that it is safe to big in Bigg Boss house than staying outside as they will be isolated for a month or two.

Trusted sources say that the organisers have contacted popular television artist Bitthiri Satti to become a contestant in the coming season. It is known that he recently resigned from a top news channel. We need to see if he accepts this proposal or not. Considering the present situations, do you think that it is safe to start this reality show?

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