Steamy Jahnvi Kapoor!


Sridevi in her young age was busy trying to figure out the dates she can give to KRR films and by 22-23 years of age, she was a National Sensation.

Her daughter Jahnvi Kapoor doesn’t have to worry so much or move places to get the attention and she seems to be enjoying it as well.

It has become a regularity for Malaika Arora and Jahnvi to be seen coming out of gym and recently, Pooja Hegde also joined them.

Different actresses look in different styles when they come out of gym but none can match the steamy hot poses of Malaika and Jahnvi.

See here again, she effortlessly managed to look like million bucks and very hot in shots after a tiring pilates session after Diwali celebrations.

She seems to have put in lot more effort to not let any of the carbs effect her weight balance and structure.

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