Studios Are Becoming Cheap For Musicians – Koti


Music Director Koti, who composed for many hits as part of the duo – Raj-Koti and then did many more films as independent composer, is known for his sharp edge words and openness.

He expressed displeasure on how the music industry is changing. He said that with more computerised equipment, studios are becoming cheap.

He remarked that a recording studio used to have more space and equipment during our days and people used to trust those who know the craft. He said that a studio engineer has become more important than a composer.

He claimed that recording studios are offering services for Rs. 150 or even Rs. 75 per hour and quality for a good film will not be attained at such costs.

He said that South Indian film Industriea have become so reluctant to look at composers for more than 3-4 films and hence, the grooming of a music composer is not happening at all.

He predicted that the changes will be more dangerous as respect for a composer is no longer found. He also said that stories and lyrics are going down in quality with years.

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