Suicide Attempt Of Actress In Bigg Boss


Activities of Tamil Bigg Boss 3 Contestants has been making it the Most Controversial Show in India as of now. Few weeks ago, Actor Saravanan boasted about molesting Women while traveling in bus. Bigg Boss Management had sent him out of the show post the severe backlash. And now, Tamil Bigg Boss is back in news for all the wrong reasons.

Actress Madhumita attempted suicide in the House by cutting her wrist. Bigg Boss evicted her from the show citing hurting oneself in the house is against the norms.

Actually, Madhumita took the extreme step after a heated argument with housemates while she was serving as the Captain. When Host Kamal Haasan gave her an opportunity to interact with the housemates, Madhumita refused to talk to anyone else other than Kasthuri and Cheran.

Only 9 Contestants remained in Bigg Boss House by the end of last week. This include two wild card entries Kasthuri and Vanitha.

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