Suriya Receives Accolades From This Director


It is evident that the Film Industry is going through a worst phase due to the recent pandemic that led to no work. Several films which were ready for release have been on hold from last month.

Now the situations are not in favour of Theaters and public entertainment places as it would lead to Corona spread. Producers of small and medium budget movies are thus looking for direct OTT release.

Recently, Amazon Prime has made a deal with Suriya- who produced Tamil film ‘Ponmagal Vandhal’ on 2D Entertainment banner- for the direct OTT release on its platform. The film will now stream on May 29.

The decision of Suriya made actor-director Parthiban happy and thus he congratulated producer Suriya for his daring act in a tweet.

The film starring Jyothika was actually scheduled to release in theaters on 27th March but the situations didn’t favour its scheduled theatrical release.

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