Sushant’s Dad Questions About Missing 15 Crores!


Sushant Singh Rajput’s father KK Singh recently wrote a five-page complaint which was filled with several valid questions that were currently being invested by the Patna police. He questioned about the bank balance of his son which reduced a lot before a few days of his suicide, Rhea leaving Sushant with his laptop, credit card and other accessories, a week before his death. His father is looking for answers behind Sushant’s death and Rhea’s involvement in all of this.

He recently reported that around 15 crores from Sushant’s Kotak Mahindra bank account were transferred to an unknown account. News is that a good friend of Sushant met his dad and explained how Rhea Chakraborthy controlled Sushant’s life which is why he is going after the young actress and her family. The other accusations on Rhea include her not allowing Sushant to sign new films and changing his staff completely.

Rumors are that Sushant’s mobile number was changed several times and he got overdosed while he was staying in Rhea’s residence. She even reportedly threatened the hero to expose everything about his medication. From what we hear, Rhea’s family already got a hold of anticipatory bail.