Sushant’s To-Do List Raises Doubts On His Demise!


It is evident that the actor Sushant has died by suicide and the reasons cited by Mumbai Police said that they have found prescriptions of clinical depression and the postmortem report also revealed the same.

As days by slowly the real reasons of Sushant’s demise started seeing the light and many doubts galore as time flies.

A recent post of Shweta the sister of Sushant made every netizen doubt his death. In the post it was about Sushant’s to-do plans upto June 29 but was seen dead on June 14 itself!

The netizens have consoled Sushant’s sister with their words and for that Shweta also said all the fans to pray Lord Shiva to deliver justice to the bereaved family. Let’s how time heals the pain of the family!