Sye Raa Clears All Legal Hurdles!


Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy, an historical fiction story that is developed for screen based on Telugu freedom fighter, Uyyalavada Naarasimha Reddy’s life got High Courts clearance to release smoothly.

First few descendants of Uyyalavada Naarasimha Reddy came up with a petition to stall the release of the film until the producers pay them the compensation for using their properties and amount for copyrights of the story.

High Court dismissed these claims as they failed to produce a compiling agreement and said that the film release cannot be stalled based on them. They asked the descendants to go for a Civil settlement.

The team and director, Surrender Reddy officially stated in Court that their film is a work of fiction based on history but not a biopic.

Kethi Reddy, filed petition to stall the release the film as the fiction implies distortion of facts and he claimed that for the purpose of the film, if history is distorted then such films shouldn’t release.

High Court dismissed this petition also, stating that the court cannot stop the release of any film, as they are work of fiction and should be seen for entertainment purpose only.

Court also stated that historical stories cannot be retold in same fashion as for a film makers will try induce drama and add elements to entertain people. So, they cannot oppose the release, they stated. Movie is releasing Worldwide on 2nd October without any legal hurdles.