When Tamanna was fooled on Bahubali set?


tamannaThe unit members of ‘Bahubali’ are experiencing a lot of surprises during the making of this period flick. Even Tamanna isn’t an exception and it was Production Designer Sabu Cyril who fooled her though it was purely unintentional.

There was a scene in the movie where Tamanna had to shoot it under a tree. As there was lot of action in that particular scene involving heavy wind, Our Milky Beauty had to be literally tied to the tree for ensuring she doesn’t fly away. But, Tamanna hardly had any clue that its not a real tree but a work created by Sabu Cyril. Only after completing the shot, She realised that it wasn’t a real one and she just can’t believe her eyes. That shows how good Sabu Cyril is at creating realistic sets.

Tamanna is all praise for Sabu Cyril’s excellence and claims to be having immense respect for him as a technician.