Tamannaah’s Home Tour: Contemporary Home yet luxurious


Milky Beauty Tamannaah Bhatia appeared in films across industries and cemented herself as a leading lady in the business. Her career spans over 16 years and still continues.

The Bahubali Star has a beautiful house in Mumbai. In season 4 of ‘Asian Paints Where The Heart Is’ Tamannaah shared the video of her home tour with her fans. Her house looks simply stunning,

‘With the busy schedules and hectic work, I rarely get a chance to stay home. My family cherishes me the most. My father took care of everything in the house and I have lived here for almost eight years now, the star said.

Tamannaah Bhatia’s Luxury Apartment in Lokhandwala complex is a Contemporary Home. Glossy marble finishes and the way home space was personalised made it look even beautiful.

The talented also has an adorable seven-year-old dog that wishes her every time she comes home. Tamannaah said, getting the puppy was one of the happiest moments in her life.