Tapsee Pannu shares what she did with a molester!


Tapsee Pannu in a talk show with Kareena Kapoor talked about the bad experiences, she faced as a young woman.

She said that women always have intuition about something bad happening when they are going into crowds and that too, into areas that have people who seem to have low education levels.

She also said that women shouldn’t really feel comfortable even when they are with people are higher class too, as they can never be sure about a person’s behavior.

She continued with her story saying that she believes in her instincts more than anything else and she was ready for any such attack on her.

At a Gurudwara during Guruprabha, she twisted a person’s finger who tried to touch her back and then, he was beaten by people around her, she shared.

She stated that women should always be aware of such molesters and they should have their guard up when they are going into public and rather than worrying about it, she said that they should face it, fearlessly.

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