Team Sye Raa Shouldn’t Have Rushed


Did Sye Raa Makers launch the promotional campaign at the right time? One gets the feeling they just rushed due to the pressure of reaching out to the North India People as much as they can with the Hindi Version.

Actually, Launching an aggressive promotional campaign a week after the release of ‘Saaho’ could have made sense. There would have been 3 weeks time even if the promotional campaign was delayed until then and the entire focus of the movie buffs would have been on the period drama.

By rushing just because there won’t be enough time left, Makers of ‘Sye Raa’ had only allowed ‘Saaho’ to overshadow it completely. And now, They will have to re-launch the promotional campaign from the scratch post the release of the Prabhas-starrer. This approach would only lead to escalation of the budget. Chiru has rightly said budget of ‘Sye Raa’ will touch Rs 300 crore-mark if the expenditure incurred due to promotions till the release was included.

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