Teaser Talk: Rahu


Tollywood film industry is in a good phase now where the new-age filmmakers are coming up with unique scripts and different subjects. One of the movies that created a discussion in recent times is Rahu. The makers of Rahu released a teaser that showcased some glimpses of the movie. Touted to be a supernatural thriller, the movie stars Abhiram Varma as the male lead and Kriti Garg as the heroine.

The film tells an interesting story where the heroine has a phobia of becoming panic whenever she witnesses blood. Life takes a dramatic turn and she lands up in several wrong situations in the wrong time and she fails to figure out what is happening with her life. She then lands in a life or death situation but the root cause for everything is answered in the movie.

Directed by Subbu Vedula, the movie looks technically rich. The makers have spent money on the making, without any compromise. Praveen Lakkaraju is the music director of the movie. Eshwar is the cinematographer. The makers are planning to release the movie soon.

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