Telugu Distributors Giving Importance To Tamil Films Again!


Right from the very beginning, Telugu producers and distributors have given huge importance to Tamil heroes and their films. Despite the fact that they ignore our films and doesn’t encourage them, our people are in no mood to change.Tamil hero Vishal is coming up with a dubbing film titled ‘Chakra’ and sources say that the film is being planned to hit the screens as soon as the theatres reopen. At a time when the Telugu films should be given the first priority, our distributors are showing interest in ‘Chakra’ and the film chamber is already moving forward this film’s file as per sources.Vishal used to have a good market in Telugu but he lost his craze over the past few years. His films are not getting the reception like earlier and our distributors are willing to release his film first ahead of Telugu films. A lot of experts are condemning this decision.

Coming to ‘Chakra’, Vishal already did such films before but he is still trying to attract the public by coming as soon as the theatres reopen and a lot of people are commenting on this saying that it is not good for the industry. We need to see what happens now.

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