Theater Occupancy To Become An Issue!


As we know, the Central government is on the verge of giving permissions to reopen the theatres which were closed since March. Many would have thought that the exhibitors and distributors will be excited to hear this news but sources say that Tollywood people are not particularly enthusiastic about the government’s decision.

The first reason is because of the rapid increase in the number of cases across the country and the second one is 25% occupancy in the theatres. The government only allowed permission to sell 25% of the tickets for each show which will serve no purpose to them.

With sanitization and cleanliness becoming the first preference, the theatre owners need to invest more but they may not get enough returns as there are allowed to bring only 25% of the crowd into the theatres. News is that most of the single screen theatre owners are willing to reopen till big films release as it can bring a huge number of audiences into theatres.

As per their opinion, at least 50% of occupancy is required to run the theatres. Sources say that multiplexes will be opened at first and single screens will follow after a few weeks. If this goes on, we can see some big releases during the Dasara season.