This Actress Asks For TV Channel To Oust Famous Composer!


Anu Malik is a famous and highly regarded composer as he gave several hits in 90’s and he is known for being impulsive & eccentric too.

His loud behaviour attracted audiences to watch Indian Idol show for many seasons but many women are unable to digest the fact that even after celebrities on multiple occasions alleged that he is a harasser and sexual offender, Sony continued to employ him.

Recently he said that Sona Mahapatra, the main accuser, and other women are just lying and these allegations are “false”. Tanushree Datta, who started #MeTooIndia movement by going against Nana Patekar slammed the channel and asked for equality in treating everyone.

She said that she is unable to fathom how a channel like that is able to give a deaf ear to all the women who are alleging about the composer and still employ him. She wondered if TRPs are the only reason to do a show.

Well, she demanded Anu Malik to be ousted and replaced by Sona Mohapatra and she also said that investigation should be done against the composer without fail as many others might be too shy to come out and say the “truth”!

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