This Actress Sold Benz, Spends Only Rs 20K Per Month!


These days, The monthly expenditure of even a popular Anchor exceeds over Rs 1 lakh. Could you believe that an Actress spends not more than Rs 20,000 per month? She is none other than Amala Paul who created a sensation with ‘Aame’.

In her recent interview, Amala Paul revealed: ‘Knew nothing when I came to the Industry at the age of 17. I had to go through a lot after separation with Director AL Vijay whom she married. Used to feel lonely and wanted to run away to somewhere. That is when I went to Himalayas and spent four days in a tent without using mobile. My life changed a lot after that trip. Now, I lead a very normal life. Sold my benz car and bought a cycle. Stopped visiting Beauty Parlour. My monthly expenditure is just Rs 20,000. I wish to live in Himalayas but it’s not that easy. So, I am living in Pondicherry at present’.

People can learn something from the Ups n Downs in Amala Paul’s personal life. Without the transformation post divorce, She wouldn’t have been able to do a film like ‘Aame’.

Although ‘Aame’ wasn’t able to draw crowds to the theaters in Telugu States, Amala Paul has certainly created an impact with this movie. Filmmakers and Public began taking her seriously because of this bold attempt.