This Bollywood Great Becomes Villain For Saaho In ‘Real’!


We would love to state ahead that the headline is not our opinion but the perception of fans. Sadly, such sentiments gain more weight than they should over time.

Jackie Shroff is not a villain in Saaho, in fact, he is the character that brings emotional core to the belongings however weak they might be.

His presence in the film is just limited to 10 minutes but the impact his previous failures left on the people’s minds made him a bad omen.

Fans were praying that Saaho should be an exception for the sentiment that Jackie Shroff’s presence shouldn’t automatically make it a disaster.

His Astram, Shakti, Panjaa in Telugu became big disasters. Once upon a time, from 1984 Hero to 1993 Khalnayak, his presence in films meant that they were good and big.

His acting talents and his style made him a National level popular and a great actor in films. That name lend to filmmakers bringing him to South after his downfall in Hindi but the sentiment seems to work against him.

To say it out loud, such sentiments won’t really work. Makers with bad scripts have approached him more rather than a good film being spoilt by his presence.

Fans have all the right to question makers, to question Sujeeth and to question Prabhas but they can’t blame Jackie Shroff when he is just an actor who is part of the cinema. We hope, someone takes him and makes a hit for this stigma to be washed out.

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