Those Two Housemates Targeted Me: Hema


Actress Hema who was the first to face eviction claimed 8 out of the 14 contestants voted in favour of them. She says remaining six housemates failed to understand her.

Hema recalled Vithika Sheru and Mahesh Vitta had a clash in the house, Varun Sandesh had even attempted to thrash the Comedian. She complains Bigg Boss hasn’t telecasted that part and focussed only on her, eventually leading to the elimination.

Hema complains Sree Mukhi and Vithika Sheru has targeted her in the house. She told, ‘Varun is a foody. He used to drink sugar water and mirchi rice frequently. What if there is a shortage of salt? That is why I tried to control the housemates. Vithika Sheri keeps asking something for Varun frequently? For where can I get them? I had to take care of others as well’.

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