Threat Call To MAA President! Who Made It?


MAA Elections had come to an end but the Group Wars continue. All isn’t well between Newly Elected President Naresh Panel and Former President Shivaji Raja Panel.

Apparently, Naresh Panel Members decided to conduct the Swearing-in on March 22nd. They are making necessary arrangements for the oath taking ceremony since few days.

Today, Naresh Panel convened a press conference at Film Chamber to inform that Shivaji Raja is creating problems for the newly elected Office Bearers. Naresh alleged, ‘Shivaji Raja called Me to say that his term as MAA President lasts till March 31st and he would move the court if we take the Oath before the end of this month’.

The Senior Actor reiterated that few irregularities happened in MAA in the previous term. He added, ‘Still, We decided to leave them aside and move ahead collectively. But, Attempts have been made to pull us back. We fixed March 22nd for oath-taking with the acceptance of Industry bigwigs. But now, Shivaji Raja has been issuing threats. This is unfair…we have lot of work to do. We will proceed as per the directions of Bigwigs’.

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