Three Biggest Problems Of Prabhas


Prabhas admits he have three big problems. In his words, ‘I am Shy, Lazy and Can’t meet people. Coffee With Karan is my first TV Show, really! I haven’t appeared on any TV Shows before. I did that as I can’t say no to Karan Johar’.

There were times, Prabhas wonders why he choose this field. He adds, ‘Luckily, Baahubali happened and I don’t have a chance’.

The Baahubali Star says he doesn’t want to be shy as it’s uncomfortable for him as well at times. ‘It takes some time for Me to meet people and have a conversation with them. I do feel shy when there is a huge crowd..I don’t want to be like that but it’s in my nature’.

Asked how comfortable he is while facing the camera, Prabhas reveals he got used to it while shooting for his debut movie ‘Eeshwar’. ‘I am fine while facing camera but I do feel uncomfortable if there are too many people on the sets and when there are too many retakes,’ he confessed.

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